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Dutch market regulator ACM is positive about the adjustments Apple proposes for dating app developers. When accepted, the proposal ends a months-long conflict between the regulator and Apple.

In the past months, ACM and Apple have been disputing the App Store conditions for Dutch dating app developers. The ACM requires Apple to provide alternative payment methods, in contrast to the limited options available today.

Dating app developers are dependent on Apple, and pay a relatively high commission. Earlier this year, the ACM ruled the latter to be a violation of Dutch laws. After failing to comply, Apple received a 50 million euro fine. Now, the organization seems to have changed tracks. Apple submitted an alternative proposal to meet the ACM’s requirements.

The document proposes renewed conditions for dating app developers. Details weren’t disclosed, but the ACM is responding positively. The regulator will shortly publish an official response, which should clarify the options that dating app developers stand to gain.

The ACM is permitted to impose a new fine if Apple fails to comply again. The fine will likely top the previous amount of 50 million euro, and could increase indefinitely. Therefore, Apple is likely to cooperate.

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