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Match Group, the parent company of dating app Tinder, has filed a complaint with the Dutch antitrust authority (ACM) about Google. Allegedly, the tech giant is abusing its power by refusing alternative payment methods for Play Store apps.

Match Group says that the Dutch version of the Google Play Store only allows dating apps to use Google’s payment system for in-app transactions. In addition, dating apps are no longer allowed to refer to alternative payment methods. According to Match Group, Google is thereby abusing the dominance of the Play Store.

ACM response

The Dutch antitrust authority confirmed the complaint. The ACM will assess whether it’s valid. If this is the case, a more extensive investigation will be started. If Match Group is found to be in the right, Google will have to adjust its conditions for the Dutch version of the Play Store.

Similarity to Apple Case

The case against Google shows many similarities with a recent case conducted by Match Group against Apple. In this case, Apple also made it impossible for Dutch dating apps to use alternative payment methods. These apps were found to be fully dependent on Apple payment systems.

The ACM forced the tech giant to amend its conditions. A penalty of up to 50 million euros was imposed. Apple promised improvement, but the ACM wasn’t satisfied. At this time, the parties remain at odds. Apple may have to pay another penalty.