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Civil rights group Access Now urges the European Union to tighten GDPR enforcement.

The civil rights group concludes that the GDPR leaves much to be desired in a new report. Access Now states the legislation isn’t broken, but privacy authorities in member states spend too much time on handling cases and decision-making.

The group further notes that authorities are inconsistent in accepting and rejecting new investigations. Hence, concludes Access Now, the GDPR’s efficiency can hardly be measured.

Strengthening GDPR policies

According to the study, “wavering policies” have major implications for the protection of citizens. Companies that don’t comply with the GDPR are said to have a major advantage over companies that do. This means that the data of citizens in the first group remains unprotected.

Access Now calls on the EU to significantly shift the baseline of GDPR enforcement. The GDPR requires binding legal measures that clarify the enforcement of its rules, says the group.

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