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Security vendor Flashpoint is launching a new threat detection platform. With Ignite, users should be able to protect themselves from the risks of cybercrime faster.

Flashpoint announced via press release that it is exhibiting Ignite at the RSA conference in San Francisco. The new platform should enable organizations to operate more smoothly, find relevant information faster and be less at risk from cyber-attacks.

With Ignite, Flashpoint promises that users will save time and money by being able to find cyber threat information in one place. Users can quickly find relevant information through Ignite’s user interface, reducing the effects of the cybersecurity expert shortage.


Flashpoint has split up Ignite’s functionality into four distinct aspects. First is Flashpoint Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), where users can access thousands of resources and understand the risks posed by the cybercrime world. Vulnerability Management (VulnDB) allows security teams to track vulnerabilities. In this way, users can see how criminals exploit threats.

Next is Flashpoint Physical Security Intelligence, where users can monitor important locations where valuable files are stored. Users can set real-time alerts and view incidents. The goal is to enable security teams to act proactively. Finally, Flashpoint National Security Intelligence is available to government agencies such as security services and police units. The tool should enable these parties to detect threats and extract information about actors.

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