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Trend Micro is deploying OpenAI technology to offer a new SecOps assistant. It is introducing Companion, which runs on the GPT-3.5 model.

SiliconANGLE reports that Companion integrates with the company’s existing services, such as Trend Vision One XDR. By automating various activities or making them more insightful, Trend Micro hopes to accelerate the investigation of security incidents.


GitHub (which is a subsidiary of Microsoft) made Copilot generally available in mid-2022, which was the first example of an integrated AI assistant by that name. The concept of copilot has subsequently been introduced on many a Microsoft platform. Meanwhile, we may now characterise copilots as chatbots with jobs.

The Trend Micro equivalent should provide plenty of assistance. Companion speeds up otherwise drawn-out processes, which Vision One’s product marketing manager Shannon Murphy sees the benefits of in conversation with SiliconANGLE. ““The most valuable currency of the SOC is time. Companies are looking for this time in a few different ways: managed services, automation and orchestration, and generative AI.”

The competition

Trend Micro can actually no longer be called an early bird when it comes to generative AI, even though the technology has only been known to the general public since ChatGPT was popularized in late 2022. Just half a month ago, CrowdStrike came out with the generative AI assistant Charlotte AI for the Falcon platform.

Still, Murphy believes Companion “has a further reach” than the alternatives. The asset: insight into real-time data that allows the assistant to stay current.