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Developer platform GitHub now supports passwordless authentication in a public beta form. This allows users to update their security keys to use passkeys for login purposes.

Passkeys allow users to associate login information with hardware-based keys. These keys can be used with other authentication methods, such as a personal identification number or biometrics, to log in to the devices.

This eliminates the need for passwords to log into devices or accounts and also prevents them from being stolen. This significantly improves security, is the thinking behind it.

Public beta

GitHub users can now use passkeys in a public beta by first upgrading appropriate security keys. They can do this through the Settings menu within the development environment. After registering the new passkeys, they can use them. Github provides detailed explanations on how users can activate all this new functionality.

More password keys introductions

The use of passkeys is on the rise. In May of this year, Google introduced passwordless keys for its Workspace environment and Google Cloud. Apple, 1Password and PayPal have also added authentication functionality to their platforms.

Microsoft introduced a preview of built-in passkey support for Windows 11 in June.