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Google is rolling out “tracker alerts” for Android starting today. This security feature alerts you if an unknown Bluetooth device travels everywhere with you. That could be a sign of someone stalking you.

The new feature ‘tracker alerts‘ warns Android users if an unknown Bluetooth device is constantly near them. Through the alert, you can check on a map for which locations the device has been travelling with you.

The signal could point to a tracking device using Bluetooth or an Apple AirTag. The latter device was found to be massively abused in the past to track individuals. Apple fixed the problem, but only for iOS users.

Self-scanning and tips on further steps

The new feature makes it possible to scan for trackers yourself with your Android device. If you do not immediately find the device after notification, you can consult a map to find out its location or set off an alarm on the Bluetooth device.

If you get an alert about a possible tracker, the feature will also advise you about further steps you can take. For example, Android will try to pass on information about the serial number and information about the owner of the Bluetooth device. Furthermore, you will get information on how to disable the device.

‘Find My Device’ updates delayed

These and other updates to ‘Find My Device’ were presented by Google at Google I/O in May. Another feature should help Android users in the search for lost items. To do so, you provide the object with a Bluetooth tracker so it can connect to your device.

Google says it is now postponing the feature for security reasons: “At this time, we have made the decision to postpone the rollout of the Find My Device network until Apple has implemented safeguards for iOS.” Both tech giants signed a pledge earlier this year to jointly devise rules for the industry to solve the problem of stalking via Bluetooth devices. The goal is to work this out before the end of the year.