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SkyKick comes out with “biggest platform update ever”

SkyKick comes out with “biggest platform update ever”

SkyKick is coming out with significant improvements to its own Cloud Management Platform. The company wants to make it easier for IT vendors to offer security services for Microsoft 365 customers.

Like many other companies, SkyKick recognizes that IT teams often have to make do with limited financial resources. One indicates that 88 percent of SMBs cite security as their biggest concern. Given that there would now be 382 million commercial Microsoft 365 users, SkyKick says there is plenty of reason to innovate for this customer base.

More intelligent tools

SkyKick co-CEO Todd Schwartz asserts that more intelligent tools are needed for IT vendors to create a successful security and data protection business. “Our new products make it easy for ITSPs to not only meet customer demand, but also build a successful security practice – one that is easy to sell and easy to manage.”

The company is revamping its Cloud Backup service, which now includes “Intelligent Data Protection.” Specifically, this includes SmartInsights, which could increase customer engagement by providing insights into “data growth and protection trends.” In addition, the new Cloud Backup should be more user-friendly and provide security coverage for more Microsoft 365 services.

Security Manager

Improvements to SkyKicks Security Manager have also been announced. This component was released by the end of 2022. Due to a new sync technology, the company promises a 2x speedup in the Microsoft Partner Center Connector. This should make Microsoft GDAP compliance a lot easier to achieve.

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