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Akamai addresses API cyber threat with new solution

Akamai addresses API cyber threat with new solution

Akamai is coming out with a new solution for API security. The company promises to use the tool to monitor API activity and detect suspicious signals.

API security has needed to improve for ages: it’s an enormously varied branch, with both legacy and newer cloud applications communicating back and forth from on-prem, cloud and hybrid environments. All of this can cause issues around visibility, as cited by research conducted by Akamai in 2022. Once a Web application or WAAP product gates an API, security teams at an organization have no visibility into what is being done with it.

Acquisition of Neosec

Akamai is releasing a stand-alone solution for API security is thanks to its acquisition of specialist Neosec earlier this year. The new tool is functional with any API gateway, WAAP or cloud deployment.

API Security uses behavioural analytics to detect complex threats and deploys historical data that it houses in a data lake. With the so-called Shadow Hunt threat hunting service, signals are delivered to human analysts with the help of machine learning.

“Recent breaches have painfully revealed the necessity of API security solutions. Preventing API-based attacks by guarding endpoints and checking credentials is no longer sufficient,” said Rupesh Chokshi, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Application Security at Akamai. “Akamai’s API Security gives organizations the ability to monitor API behaviour in any platform or gateway to ensure that business processes are running smoothly and securely.”

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