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CrowdStrike offers service against identity-based intrusions

CrowdStrike offers service against identity-based intrusions

CrowdStrike announces a new cybersecurity team and service offering: CrowdStrike Counter Adversary Operations. Its first service is Identity Threat Hunting, which addresses identity-based intrusions.

The new CrowdStrike Counter Adversary Operations bundles several existing solutions to enable organizations to respond to today’s hacking activities. The combination consists of Falcon Intelligence, Falcon OverWatch teams and adds a layer of AI through the Falcon platform.

Identity-based intrusions

The first service of the newly formed team is Identity Threat Hunting. This is in respond to a threat type that is gaining tremendous popularity. According to CrowdStrike’s own report, the number of Kerberoasting identity attacks has increased nearly sixfold in the past year. The attack is gaining popularity because the hacker can log in as an authorized user, and many traditional detection tools do not check their behavior.

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Future service offerings will expand based on CrowdStrike future research. “The newly formed Counter Adversary Operations represents a new model that not only brings together the very best threat insight and expertise in the world – gleaned from in-depth threat intelligence on threats, hands-on keyboard activity and trillions of telemetry events – but also a model that makes this insight readily available to teams on the front lines to protect against emerging threats while making things increasingly difficult for the adversary,” explains Adam Meyers, head of Counter Adversary Operations at CrowdStrike.

The offering is immediately available as part of CrowdStrike Falcon Overwatch Elite and carries no additional cost.