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Paramount has fallen victim to a hack. Hackers gained access to personal data as a result.

American entertainment production house Paramount confirms a data breach. Affected individuals were already notified via an official letter signed by Brian Keane, EVP of Nickelodeon Animation Studio. “Based on our investigation, personal information may include your name, date of birth, citizen service number or other government-issued identification number (such as driver’s license number or passport number) and information related to your relationship with Paramount.”

The cyber attack took place between May and June 2023. Hackers then penetrated the company’s media systems. The exact date is unknown because the hack was not discovered until later. Paramount then isolated the hacked systems and launched an investigation into the incident in collaboration with a cybersecurity expert.

Paramount offers identity protection

No further information was disclosed through official channels. BleepingComputer obtained further information indicating that the scope of the data breach is rather limited: “The personal data of less than 100 individuals may have been accessed by the unauthorized party and these individuals and the relevant authorities have been notified.”

Whether the personal data belongs to employees or customers of the streaming service Paramount Plus remains unknown. Affected individuals will receive at least two years of identity and credit protection from the company. This is because the combination of data allows hackers to carry out both of these things, in addition to other things, such as sending targeted phishing messages.

Finally, the media house undertook measures to strengthen cybersecurity. In this way, Paramount hopes to prevent hacks in the future.

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