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International Criminal Court confirms cyber attack, investigation ongoing

International Criminal Court confirms cyber attack, investigation ongoing

The International Criminal Court in The Hague discovered the presence of hackers in its information systems. This was discovered just before the weekend.

The International Criminal Court announced Tuesday that it became the victim of a cyber attack. Hackers were able to penetrate its internal systems. Further investigation should reveal whether data was stolen and the overall impact on the systems.

The Dutch authorities are assisting in the investigation. These are said to have been immediately sympathetic to providing assistance. “The Court is grateful to the host country for its excellent cooperation and the immediate response and support provided in connection with this incident,” the statement reads.

By responding immediately, an effort was made to limit the cyber attack’s impact. However, it is still unclear whether the ICC has succeeded in that effort. According to the statement, the priority is the normal functioning of the Court.

Tensions with Russia

The International Criminal Court makes rulings on war crimes and crimes against humanity. Since the war between Ukraine and Russia, Russian actions have regularly been scrutinised. It is for example under discussion whether certain cyber-attacks should also be labeled war crimes.

Given the large group of pro-Russian hacker organizations and the increased activities of these groups since the start of the war, it cannot be ruled out that one of these groups is behind the attack.

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Back in June, the Dutch Secret Service discovered the activities of a Russian intelligence officer trying to penetrate the networks of the International Criminal Court.