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Google launches Android Credential Manager on November 1st

Google launches Android Credential Manager on November 1st

Google is introducing its Credential Manager functionality for Android on November 1st to provide a streamlined and secure authentication process.

According to Google, Android Credential Manager is going to dramatically improve the login experience for Android users. With the advent of this feature, the passwords previously required will be replaced by other login methods, such as passkeys.


These login methods will now be housed in a single interface, making it easier for users to login to their applications and websites.

Especially when users often use different login credentials for the same account. For example, for a personal account they log in with passkeys, while for a family account they still log in with a password. Using Android Credential Manager, they can choose the right login method for each account, eliminating the need to constantly make a choice.

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Multiple password managers at once

In addition, the tool allows Android users to choose their preferred password manager. This can be a password manager pre-installed on the device or another one.

The system behind Android Credential Manager allows users to use multiple password managers at the same time. This should give them more flexibility when it comes to their authentication preferences.

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