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CrowdStrike and AWS are expanding their existing collaboration on cloud security and AI development. In doing so, both companies will intensify the use of each other’s security and AI platforms.

Intensifying the partnership between AWS and CrowdStrike should result in both parties consolidating their cybersecurity and accelerating the transition to the cloud. The collaboration means both parties will use more of each other’s services and products. For example, AWS will now bring together various security applications for its platforms and infrastructure on the AI-based CrowdStrike XDR Falcon platform. This mainly involves the various Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions that AWS now uses. So as of now, the Falcon platform will be used for this purpose.

Amazon Bedrock and Sagemaker for GenAI

For its part, CrowdStrike will use the various AI capabilities offered by AWS to develop generative AI functionality for its solutions, including Falcon. Within the expanded partnership, the security expert will use Amazon Bedrock for its AI-related solutions, particularly Anthropic’s Claude LLMs, which are available through this environment.

In addition, CrowdStrike will also start using Amazon Sagemaker more frequently to roll out self-developed and trained LLMs within its platform.

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