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Dell Technologies has been hit by a hack. In the process, a database containing the personal data of about 49 million customers was captured. This includes names, addresses and specific data about purchased hardware. It is unknown exactly how the cybercriminals were able to get this information.

In customer advisory, Dell says the stolen database contains minimal data on end users of its systems from 2017-2024. Still, with just the name, address and product information, plenty of damage can be done. Personally targeted attacks can become a lot more credible with this data, for example.

Dell Technologies insists that no email addresses, phone numbers and bank details were stolen. The hack mainly affected customers from the U.S., China, India, Australia and Canada, but also from other countries.

Up for sale on hacker forum

The hack came to light late last month when hacker Melenik put the database up for sale on the digital hacker forum Breach Forums. The post has since been removed, so a buyer may have already been found.

Dell Technologies is not providing further details on how the attack could have occurred. Perhaps a post on that will follow, as it can sometimes take quite some time for the impact of a cyber attack to become clear. The company suspects that customers will experience few problems from the compromised data.

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