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The money will be used to develop new quantum security products and strengthen sales.

Q*Bird exists since early 2022 and works on a Quantum Key Distribution network. The technology ensures that communications cannot be eavesdropped on because both communicators notice immediately if a message has been intercepted. Messages can only be read if they arrive encrypted. This takes security to the next level and reduces the risk of a successful cyber attack. Attacks from future quantum computers could also be repelled.

Q*Bird plans

The 2.5 million euro investment will allow Q*Bird to further put the technology into practice. “With the new capital, we aim to reduce its (production) costs further, reduce the size, and improve the integration into classical networks even further. We will also scale our operations and grow the team further,” CEO Ingrid Romijn told Silicon Canals in an initial comment.

Dutch quant fund QDNL Participations and U.S. Cottonwood Technology Fund led the investment round. Regional development company InnovationQuarter is also investing in Q*Bird.

The Delft-based company is active in the Rotterdam port, among other places. There, it is working on a project with other tech vendors to allow cargo ships and other traffic to communicate securely. Q*Bird’s encryption technology can contribute to this. If a potential cyber attack can be repelled in this way, potentially disastrous consequences, such as shutdown, can be prevented.

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