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Tenable buys Eureka Security to better protect sensitive cloud data

Tenable buys Eureka Security to better protect sensitive cloud data

Security company Tenable is acquiring Israeli Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) player Eureka Security. With this acquisition, Tenable aims to further protect customers from potential cloud risks.

The acquisition, about which no financial details were disclosed, is intended to further expand the functionality of Tenable’s proprietary platform to protect cloud applications. It hopes to achieve this by integrating Eureka Security’s technology into this platform.

This will allow customers to better identify evidence indicating risks to data stored in cloud environments. This will also allow customers to better monitor where sensitive data resides, who has access to it and what risks the data faces in the event of a possible attack.

DSPM platform

Eureka Security offers a so-called Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) platform for this purpose. DSPM is a technology that identifies sensitive data in multiple cloud environments. In addition, DSPM assesses these data for their vulnerability to security threats and to what extent they meet compliance requirements.

Greater data security in cloud migrations

Eureka’s DSPM platform focuses on performing these tasks during rapid cloud migrations. These migrations are increasingly a new attack vector for hackers. According to Eureka Security, the security risks for sensitive data increase significantly as the volume of this data increases. So, among other things, through migrations.

The Eureka platform performs the checks completely automatically. It then provides, among other things, a discovery and classification mechanism and a common policy engine that integrates with all customer cloud platforms and processes. Especially those platforms and processes that customers use for datastore inventory and context, policy creation and deployment, and risk monitoring and management.

Integration of the Eureka DSPM technology into the Tenable Cloud Security and CNAPP platforms should occur later this year.

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