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Research shows that the majority of CISOs believe that single-cloud is as safe, or even safer, than on premise technology. Multicloud, however, is considered to be the least safe.

ITpro reports that 61 percent of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) believe that single-cloud companies are no more at risk than companies that do everything on premise. There are still securityric risks, but these are no greater than with on premise systems.

There is also a strong tendency towards more cloud adoption, as 88 percent of respondents report that their companies are planning (or even in the process of planning) for Software-as-a-Service solutions. Almost 300 CISOs, CTOs and CIOs participated in Nominet’s research from large organisations with more than 2500 employees.

Concerns about single cloud and on premise almost the same, multicloud vulnerable

71 percent of the participants also stated that they were either moderately, severely or extremely concerned about cyber attacks in the cloud. However, these concerns are similar to the percentages for on premise systems. Previously, concerns about security in the cloud were usually greater.

“Security has traditionally been cited as a barrier to cloud adoption, so it’s important that the perceived risk gap between cloud and on-premise has disappeared,” said Stuart Reed, vice president of cyber security at Nominet. “It is clear that security issues are no longer an insurmountable barrier to cloud implementation, given the high adoption rate of cloud services. () As we enter the ‘cloud’ era, security teams need to focus their attention on finding solutions that work with the cloud, just as they did with on premise before.

However, the concerns about multicloud systems are considerable. CISOs using a multicloud approach in their organisation were twice as likely to have a data leak last year: 52 percent compared to 24 percent of users of the single and hybrid cloud.