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Kaspersky Lab announces the Kaspersky Security Cloud, a service for consumers that allows them to scale up security at any time. The Security as a Service solution is not linked to the equipment, but to the owner via an account on the My Kaspersky portal. The Security Cloud assumes that each user is unique and navigates online in his or her own way.

For this purpose, the cloud service combines elements from various security solutions in a so-called adaptive scenario. This means that the service provides protection at the right time, depending on individual behaviour and equipment used.


Kaspersky describes the operation of the product with a number of scenarios. For example, in many cases free wifi is not safe. The Security Cloud reports such a risk and, depending on the settings, automatically engages the VPN to securely encrypt all transmitted data. This does not allow hackers to decipher data.

The new solution also offers protection for home networks. Malicious intruders regularly penetrate the home network in order to secretly see what the user is doing or to make free use of the Internet. The Security Cloud knows all the devices that belong to the network and keeps the user informed.

Other functions

The cloud service has taken two measures in the area of password protection. For example, there will be a protest if it turns out that the password created is not secure enough. In addition, there are warnings if the passwords are stolen from an addressed service. This prevents personal data from ending up in the wrong places.

Furthermore, the Sercurity Cloud regularly makes automatic backups, so that valuable data is not lost if, for example, the hard disk has failed. The solution offers the possibility to make backups on a regular basis. If it is suspected that the hard drive is running on its last legs, a warning will be given.


Kaspersky makes the service available in three versions. The free version provides a limited number of security scenarios, applies to one account and works on three devices at the same time. With the Security Cloud Personal, Kaspersky offers full functionality for one account and five devices. Finally, there is Security Cloud Family, which is suitable for large families or groups of friends with up to twenty accounts.

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