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Apple CEO Tim Cook wants financial news agency Bloomberg to withdraw a recent controversial story about Chinese microchips on U.S. servers. The boss of the world’s largest tech company hopes that the news agency will do the right thing and expects a formal rectification.

Buzzfeed News reports that on the basis of a Cook statement. I feel that they should rectify the story, Cook began opposite the site. There’s no truth in their story about Apple. They have to do the right thing, so Cook hopes that there will soon be an official statement from the press agency in which the article will be withdrawn.

Chinese spy chips

Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that Chinese intelligence services had installed microchips on the servers of American tech companies. Apple and Amazon, among others, are said to have been affected by this espionage and know nothing about it. It was about thirty companies that had their servers produced in China.

But both Apple and Amazon, as well as Homeland Security, deny the story of Bloomberg. According to AWS Chief Security Officer Steve Schmidt, the article contains so many falsehoods about Amazon that it is difficult to keep track of them. Apple also stated that there was no truth in it.

Interestingly enough, Tim Cook is asking for a rectification for the first time today. Apple is normally known as a company that is positive towards the world press, but for the first time in its history it is asking for a rectification. I spoke with Bruce Sewell, who was our lawyer at the time, with journalists from Bloomberg, Cook said. We were very clear with them: this did not happen. Then we answered all their questions. Every time they brought a new story to us, and every time we did research and found nothing.

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