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Cybersecurity software provider Qualys has taken over the startup Layered Insight. This offers a SecurityOps platform that combines DevOps capabilities with container security and compliance tools. According to Qualys, this is a nice addition to his portfolio, which, given the growing number of cloud containers, is also desperately needed.

Qualys has not disclosed how much money will be involved in the acquisition. However, it does let it be known that the co-founders of Layered Insight are joining the staff of Qualys. This will happen sometime in 2019, because the takeover will not be completed before that time. Asif Awan will soon be the CTO of container security at Qualys and John Kinsella will take on the role of vice president of engineering for container security.

Runtime protection

Recently, Qualys has increasingly focused on container protection. That’s not crazy, because the number of containers is growing steadily. Software containers pack and distribute apps on multiple platforms, as it were, without the need for developers to rewrite or modify the complete code each time.

By acquiring Layered Insight, Qualys has a new runtime option that protects container apps at their most vulnerable moments. Runtime security mainly means that when an app is running, the software identifies and blocks threats in real time. Apps can protect themselves and do not need human intervention.

Detecting and combating anomalies

Qualys writes in the announcement of the takeover that developers will soon have the ability to detect and prevent security leaks during the runtime. The system gives a warning as soon as it detects an anomaly and automatically applies measures to ensure that a leak is kept to a minimum.

The new opportunities offered to Qualys by the acquisition of Layered Insight will soon also be available on public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Serverless containers are also part of the range. The acquisition is expected to be completed in the first half of 2019 and the functions will be integrated into the Qualys platform in the second half of the year.

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