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G Data has announced a new version of its security solutions: G DATA Generation 2019. The company renewed G DATA Antivirus, Internet Security and Total Security. The new solutions should offer protection against the theft of bitcoins and banking trojans, among other things.

“A large part of our lives have been digitized. But greater ease of use is associated with increased risk for users,” says Security Evangelist Tim Berghoff. He says that every minute about nine new malware families are discovered trying to encrypt, copy or make money. It is not easy to distinguish harmless software from harmful ones. “This is a problem and it creates new challenges. A signature-based defence is no longer suitable for the fast pace of the Internet. Proactive next generation technology is essential because it can provide protection against unknown threats.”

G Data has improved and implemented the effectiveness of its security in the form of an Anti Malware Scanning Interface (AMSI). AMSI analyzes commands dynamically generated by scripts. That way, threats can be stopped. In addition, automated decision-making has been added, which means that fewer interventions from users are required.

Also, malware is more effectively detected in the web browser by improved plugins for the browser. For example, the File Cloud compares URLs detected in the browser with those known to G Data. In this way, manipulation of encrypted data traffic must be prevented.

Customer service

In My G DATA, the customer portal of the solutions, a simplified license management can be found. Everything users need is easy to find there. This may involve extending a licence, asking questions about the solutions or contacting customer service. This customer service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, according to the company. During office hours it is in Dutch, outside office hours it is in English.

In addition, a Remote Support function has been integrated into the new solutions. This makes it possible to generate a service request in the software environment. Customer service will then contact you as soon as possible to find a solution together with the user.

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