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More and more threats from the cloud and mobile

More and more threats from the cloud and mobile

Criminals are increasingly focusing on the cloud and mobile environments. This trend can easily be explained: they are often the worst protected parts of the business infrastructure. This is partly because IT professionals do not consider installing mobile security. Greater awareness is therefore crucial.

Researchers at Check Point report this in the 2019 Security Report. Almost a fifth of the companies appear to have had a security incident in the past twelve months. These include data leaks, hacks and malware that turned out to be on the internal systems. Companies are extra vulnerable because of the sometimes very poor security.

Low awareness

Zohar Alon, head of cloud products at Check Point, says there is a lack of awareness of the threats when it comes to the cloud and mobile workplace. Not only do companies often not know what kind of threats they are facing, but there is also little awareness of how they can counter them. Nearly twenty percent of companies have experienced a cloud incident in the past year. According to Alon, there is no doubt that criminals are focusing more and more on this.

Yet as many as 30 percent of companies feel that it is the cloud provider’s job to protect them from companies. As a result, these companies are not taking sufficient steps to protect their cloud infrastructure. Nevertheless, the actual distribution is different and the security of the cloud is a task for both the provider and the customer. A problem, for example, is that in 62 percent of the cases, the cloud is not properly set up.

Mobile problems

Mobile environments also face risks, which is due to the fact that companies often use very few resources to secure them. Think of software that can detect malware or map the use of devices. Not only does this mean that there is little insight into what is happening on the devices, but companies also do not sufficiently use standard techniques to reduce risks.

Finally, it is striking that there is also little awareness of risks in this area. Only 10 percent of IT professionals think that mobile threats are a significant problem. In doing so, they do not recognise that malware can easily switch between a mobile device and a central network, and companies run unnecessary risks.

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