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During Google Cloud Next, Google announced that the Google Security Key no longer only works via a USB stick like the Titan Security Key. Android smartphones with Android 7 and higher can now also be used as Google Security Key. This makes the use of secure two factor authentication much easier.

All smartphones with Android 7 and higher can be used as Google Security Key. The keys created by the Google Security Key are linked to your account and your Android smartphone. This means that when you change your smartphone, you can’t just take your keys with you. You are still dependent on a secondary key that you have to physically store somewhere. From a security point of view, it was decided not to make it possible to migrate those keys from your old to your new smartphone. Even if your smartphone is lost or stolen, you will need this secondary code to regain access to your keys.

It may sound a bit cumbersome, but for people who already work with the Titan Security Key, the expansion to Android smartphones will sound like music to their ears. It simply allows many more users to use it. This allows you to secure all your online accounts.

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