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Governments that are concerned about systems from foreign technology companies should ask them to open up their source codes for inspection, finds Eugene Kaspersky. This is better than having governments simmer their paranoia about it, according to the CEO of Kaspersky Lab.

Worldwide, Kaspersky says, IT vendors need to provide such options to address business security concerns. Especially since with the advent of 5G networks, more and more data will be sent, processed and analysed over the cloud via various devices.

Transparency centres

According to ZDNet, Kaspersky believes that transparency centers contribute to building trust among business customers, governments and consumers. These types of centres enable governments and companies to assess the source codes of the systems they intend to implement. In addition, it is a way of immediately assessing the supplier’s internal processes, according to the Russian antivirus specialist.

Last year, the company took a first step in the field of transparency and opened a transparency centre in Zurich. Kapsersky also moved his core processes from Moscow to the Swiss city. The opening of such a centre is also planned for Madrid and South-East Asia. According to Kaspersky, Singapore and Malaysia are in the running as a possible location for that region.

In addition, a facility aimed at supporting the needs of private enterprises will be opened before the summer. The establishment in Zurich is said to have been created primarily by the desire to meet the needs of the public authorities.

Kaspersky uses the transparency centers to process data that it manages for its customers. In addition, the centers allow companies and governments to view Kaspersky’s source codes and allow researchers to identify bugs and optimize their products. The opening of a sun centre in every country where customers are active does not exclude the CEO.


One of the technology companies that is currently under scrutiny worldwide, particularly for the roll-out of 5G equipment, is the Chinese company Huawei. That company has now made its source codes available to the UK and German governments for review, and has opened a transparency centre in Brussels.

In addition, the Netherlands and Belgium also started an investigation into the Chinese ICT supplier. Earlier this month it became known that the Belgian Centre for Cyber Security (CCB) does not give a negative opinion on Huawei, which is suspected of espionage by the Americans among others. After months of investigation, the CCC has found no concrete evidence of that threat.

Kaspersky also advises technology companies to increase their immunity against cybercrime. This would make the costs of a cyber attack so expensive that hackers would no longer find it profitable to invest in attacks.

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