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“Most IT managers want to get rid of password authentication.

“Most IT managers want to get rid of password authentication.

A study by MobileIron, the results of which are shared with Techzine, shows that eight out of ten IT managers prefer mobile devices as their main means of authentication. Six out of ten employees also experience annoyance and loss of time due to the use of passwords.

The study, conducted in collaboration with IDG, shows that security professionals and business users are frustrated by the problems associated with password authentication. Unwanted practices such as login theft and subsequent illegal access attempts are cited as a source of trouble by 90 percent of all security professionals.

Professionals in this field estimate that 43 percent of all problems could be solved simply by not using passwords as authentication. Two out of five helpdesk tickets are the result of users forgetting passwords or experiencing problems with MFA (multi-factor authentication). In addition, it appears that 45 percent of all users recycle passwords, from a security perspective not the best move. In conclusion, almost three quarters of security managers are actively looking for an alternative security method instead of passwords.

Mobile authentication as a solution

In any case, there is a relatively large consensus on the solution for the future: according to the study, 88 percent of security managers consider the use of mobile devices as a means of authentication to be the future means of authentication for business services and business data. Currently, 42 percent of all users need access to business applications, but according to MobileIron, this number will increase significantly over the next two years. This is evident from the results of the study, which shows that the vast majority of all organisations are experiencing an increase in the use of business apps. It is also expected that this growth will continue in the coming years. An interesting point is that there is a demand for more business apps for smartphones, especially among the members of the millenial generation.

In response to the trends described above, MobileIron has developed a zero-trust platform that uses mobile devices as an access key. This platform is based on MobileIron Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and MobileIron Access. By linking signals about users, apps, devices, networks and cyber threats, secure authentication is created as an alternative to, for example, single sign-on. On this platform, usernames and passwords are a thing of the past.

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