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BlackBerry has a cloud-based solution that leverages adaptive security, constant authentication, and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance mobile endpoint security in Zero Trust environments. The solution is called Intelligent Security and is built on top of the secure communication platform SparkTM.

The solution uses context and user behavior to adjust security and calculate a unique risk score for each interaction. Based on this risk score, the mobile user gets access to specific apps and services. These apps and services are defined by system administrators.

According to BlackBerry, this will provide more control. In addition, end users remain productive, without compromising the organization’s rules and security policies.


Intelligent Security uses a range of behavioral, device, and other features to secure the endpoints. These include, for example, behavioural locations. The solution learns the familiar locations, frequencies and behavioural patterns of the user, after which the behaviour and a location-based risk score are calculated. Through a series of policy actions, the location can be determined in advance. In addition, Intelligent Security learns about the frequency of network use. Based on this and the corresponding profile, the solution dynamically adapts the security. The risk score is adjusted, for example, when a user connects with WiFi for the first time. Intelligent Security also takes into account deviations and use in its security. Finally, it develops a unique identification signature for reliable, compliant devices and apps. This signature is used to detect and block access from malicious, non-compliant devices.


Intelligent Security is the first solution built on top of the secure communication platform BlackBerry SparkTM. According to the company itself, together with CylanePERSONA, it can now provide real-time adaptive protection with AI for all endpoints. These include mobile devices as well as desktops.

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