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Netgear has joined the Open Security and Safety Alliance, a group of cooperating companies that includes suppliers of camera and video management solutions. This collaboration should lead to innovation in the field of video surveillance and physical security applications in general.

According to Netgear, the “physical security sector” is set to grow dramatically over the next ten years. Internet or Things equipment, among others, and the data it uses are determining factors. Netgear wants to develop a secure end-to-end architecture that is suitable for both inter- and intranet. Meanwhile, there are applications such as cameras that run applications themselves and can connect to cloud services for AI services, among other things. According to Netgear, this makes it necessary for network security to reach a higher level.

“We expect an exponential growth of IoT surveillance equipment over IP networks, both wired and wireless, over the next decade. An end-to-end security architecture must become the foundation of the surveillance network,” reports Richard Jonker, vice president of product management for SMB products at NETGEAR. “We look forward to working with like-minded companies to develop a platform that will be used by the security industry for many years to come.

Insight system for achieving OSSA goals

Netgear’s Insight system must become central to the development of a universal end-to-end system. “From the Insight cloud portal, or even from the Insight smartphone app, security specialists can remotely manage network connections to cameras and quickly detect faults or malicious activity,” reports the company. The system provides cloud management for millions of networked devices.

OSSA requires the development of universal standards and specifications for IoT infrastructure. Netgear is willing to collaborate because common goals have been set. Developing “an operating system, IoT infrastructure, a collective approach to data security and privacy, and striving for better performance for security and safety solutions” are some of these objectives.