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BitDefender updates GravityZone, adds upstream prevention

BitDefender updates GravityZone, adds upstream prevention

GravityZone, BitDefender’s unified endpoint security platform, is being updated with a number of enhancements to recognise and combat threats earlier in the attack chain. It also provides step-by-step instructions for users to respond to threats.

The updates are intended to make it easier for users to respond effectively to threats, while at the same time enabling them to notice these threats earlier. Both network-based and fileless attacks can be detected and blocked before they reach data at endpoints. New visualisations have also been added, to reduce the complexity of seeing threats, which in turn leads to faster response times.

BitDefender has indicated that the new updates, for example, can detect and block the recent BlueKeep attacks before they cause any damage. This will prevent ransomware or other malicious files from being dropped onto endpoints. Furthermore, according to BitDefender, attacks to obtain login credentials were the most common, more than 113 million times in October alone. It should also be possible to block those, with the improvements to GravityZone.


Besides the updates for GravityZone as a whole, GravityZone Email Security has been announced. If cybercriminals did somehow gain access to business login credentials, for phishing purposes, this service offers protection. Think, for example, of cybercriminals who pretend to be senior officials within certain organisations, to acquire sensitiva data. The service is an extension of the GravityZone solution.

“The endpoint security teams of many organisations, which are responsible for endpoint security, are struggling to cope with the growing number of advanced and increasingly complex cyber attacks. This includes everything from brute force attacks to phishing attacks and CEO fraud,” said Harish Agastya, Senior Vice President Enterprise Solutions. “New functionality such as Network Attack Defense, Anomaly Defense and integrated Email Security reinforce GravityZone’s ability to detect anomalous behavior faster and automatically stop attacks earlier in the Kill Chain. This protects login credentials and prevents data leaks. In addition, visualisation and incident response roadmaps enable GravityZone users to respond quickly, accurately, and efficiently to endpoint attacks.