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Google Cloud adds integrations for better security

Google Cloud adds integrations for better security

Google has announced a number of integrations between Google Cloud and several popular cyber security tools. There are also some completely new offers, which should offer business customers more opportunities to defend themselves against cyber attacks.

Product integrations are the largest part of the announcement. The integrations include several security tools and a number of major players in the network security market.

Regarding endpoint security, McAfee is bringing its MVISION Cloud for Containers service to Google Cloud. This is to help companies protect their workloads in containers. Customers also get access to a number of tools from the McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite. These tools can now be used to protect Google Cloud virtual machines running Windows and Linux. All solutions will be available on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Threat intelligence

Then, there is threat intelligence, where Google adds Cloud integrations with two different vendors. Google Cloud will use data about the activities of hackers, collected by Palo Alto Networks and Tanium. The aim is to give companies a clearer picture of the potential risks they face online. Threat intelligence from Palo Alto Networks’ AutoFocus service will be available in the Google Cloud via Event Threat Detection. In addition, Tanium telemetry will be passed on to Backstory.

Identity Management

A number of things are also happening in the area of identity management. Google makes the ForgeRock toolkit, for controlling user access to applications, available on the Google Cloud platform. Customers who use Active Directory as part of their user management workflow can now use Active Directory security tools from Semperis and STEALTHbits Technologies. In this way, risks from insiders have to be limited.

More collaborations

The list goes on for a while: Citrix Workplace can now be deployed on Google Cloud, and Fortinet is bringing the FortiWeb Cloud firewall on board. Google is further deepening its collaboration with consulting partners. The company today announced that IBM, Deloitte, Wipro, KKR & Co., subsidiary Optiv Security, Comm-IT and CYDERES will expand the range of security services for Google Cloud customers.