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Acronis launches Cyber Protect to make remote working safer

Acronis launches Cyber Protect to make remote working safer

Acronis has launched the new Acronis Cyber Protect, a solution with anti-malware, backup, disaster recovery and management functionality.

Managed service providers will now have access to a single solution for these functions. For example, they can control vulnerability assessments, URL filtering and patch management from within the solution. Acronis Cyber Protect also includes comprehensive security for the Zoom video conferencing platform and even blocks fake news about the coronavirus.

“Traditional backup is dead because it is not secure enough, and traditional antivirus software does not protect data from modern cyber threats. Legacy solutions are no longer able to counter business threats,” said Acronis founder and CEO Serguei Beloussov. “Service providers need to offer their customers an integrated cybersecurity solution covering all five cybersecurity sectors – security, accessibility, privacy, authenticity and security.

According to Beloussov, Acronis Cyber Protect enables service providers to protect customers’ applications, systems and data. The solution will be available to small businesses and business customers through Acronis’ managed service provider partners. The following functions are covered by the platform:

  • Malware protection and vulnerability assessment for collaboration tools: Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams and all popular VPN services.
  • Coronavirus fake news blocker and security alerts
  • Free cybersecurity for new business customers until August
  • Remote data wipe and touch-less connection to office machines
  • Standard secure protection plan templates for employees outside the office environment and built-in VPN capabilities

Acronis plans to release an on-premise edition of Acronis Cyber Protect in the second half of 2020.