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Zscaler acquires American security specialist Edgewise Networks for an undisclosed amount. Edgewise provides a zero-trust environment that reduces the risk of data breaches and attacks.

It is unknown how much Zscaler paid for the company, but Edgewise raised 18 million dollars (16 million euros) in venture capital before the deal.

Edgewise automates identity-based policies by making it easier to reduce the attack surface in public cloud, multi-cloud, data centers and even container environments. Edgewise software uses machine learning and AI algorithms to scan a network to build a set of reliable applications, which are then managed with policies. Edgewise claims that its policies are so efficient that the system can manage 13.000 connections with only 180 policies.

Zscaler was founded with the goal of continuing to innovate security in a cloud-first world. We are disrupting legacy network security, reducing business risks, improving the user experience and consolidating security point products for our customers,” said Jay Chaudhry, CEO of Zscaler. “Edgewise is highly innovative technology that enables application segmentation without having to perform traditional network segmentation, which is often done with virtual firewalls.

Multiple acquisitions

The acquisition of Edgewise Networks is the fourth acquisition in three years for Zscaler. Last year the company acquired cloud security startup Cloudneeti, followed by cybersecurity firm Appsulate, and in 2018 Zscaler added TrustPath’s AI team and technology to the company.