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Gitlab acquires Peach Tech and Fuzzit to expand DevSecOps platform

Gitlab acquires Peach Tech and Fuzzit to expand DevSecOps platform

GitLab acquires software developer Peach Tech and fuzz testing vendor Fuzzit. With these acquisitions, Gitlab wants to expand its DevSecOps platform.

Peach Tech is a security software developer that specialises in fuzz testing of protocols and Fuzzit is a vendor of a continuous fuzz testing solution. Fuzz testing, also known as fuzzing, involves detecting bugs, crashes and errors in programs that cybercriminals may use to gain access.

The terms of the acquisitions were not disclosed, but GitLab did confirm that the full teams of Fuzzit and Peach Tech will be integrated within GitLab and that their own services will be terminated in the near future.

Extended portfolio

These acquisitions add new test solutions to GitLab’s portfolio, including protocol fuzzing, API fuzzing, DAST for APIs, and coverage-guided fuzzing (CGF) allowing the company to uncover vulnerabilities that are often overlooked by traditional testing techniques. The acquisition ensures that Gitlab’s DevSecOps portfolio offers both whitebox and blackbox fuzz testing techniques and has the ability to use fuzz tests earlier. The new testing capabilities are currently available within the GitLab CI/CD environment.

“Bringing the fuzzing technologies of Peach Tech and Fuzzit into GitLab’s security solutions will give our users an even more robust and thorough application security testing experience while enabling them to shift security left. This simultaneously simplifies their workflows and creates collaboration between development, security, and operations teams”, GitLab-CEO Sid Sijbrandij added.