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Network traffic management firm, F5 Networks, introduced a new security service today. The new tool will help its enterprise clients to protect themselves against fake web traffic, including bots and other kinds of automated threats on their websites.

A fully managed security service, known as Silverline Shape Defence, is founded on technology F5 acquired when it spent about $1 billion to acquire a company called Shape Security last December.

How the Silverline Shape Defence works

Silverline Shape Defence utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) model to identify if requests such as login attempts on websites and apps are executed by a real human or a malicious bot, and it is geared towards curbing bad website traffic while eradicating any friction for real users.

Silverline Shape Defence service also offers full visibility into a website’s traffic, showing how it is being safeguarded from malicious users.

In a statement, F5 stated that the security service would help enterprises to protect themselves against other cyber-attacks such as scraping and credential stuffing that in most cases lead to fraud, causing a significant loss of revenue and harm to their brand’s reputation.

“F5’s Silverline managed security services improve not only application security and performance but also bridge the resources gap of skilled cybersecurity professionals that are needed to address the latest cyber threats in real-time,” said Gail Coury, F5 Silverline’s vice president and general manager.

And there is more in F5’s Silverline suite

Also, included in the F5’s Silverline suite of security tools is a threat intelligence platform and web application firewall, and a service to protect enterprises against distributed denial-of-service threats.

Hopefully, the new security service will be an answer to the perpetual increase of automated attacks and malicious bots on websites.