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Palo Alto Networks has expanded its security platform Cortex XSOAR with a marketplace. The marketplace gives users access to tools that should help them to simplify the use of the platform through automation.

Palo Alto Networks’ Cortex XSOAR security platform helps companies automate regular network security tasks while helping administrators work together more efficiently. The technology used to run the cloud-based platform originates from Demisto, which was acquired by Palo Alto Networks last year.

The platform uses analytics to analyse data from threat intelligence feeds for security specialists. Automation and AI are then added to rank all this data while applying it to security as required by end-users.

MarketPlace features

With the newly added MarketPlace, Palo Alto Networks offers so-called content packs for the Cortex XSOAR security platform. These content packs have been developed by partners who supply the technical resources as scripts for automating basic security tasks. The content packs should also improve the use of the platform’s built-in automation security capabilities.

In addition, the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace provides integration capabilities with external security tools, dashboards for tracking security issues, reporting templates for sharing data about these issues and other tools.

Providing simple solutions

Palo Alto Networks validates third-party content packs to meet quality standards. With the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace, the security specialist wants to offer customers an opportunity to easily find the tools that can simplify their network security work. At the same time, the security specialist offers partners the opportunity to market their security tools.

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