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Palo Alto Networks unveils new native 5G security offering

Palo Alto Networks unveils new native 5G security offering

New offering will enable service providers and Enterprises to create new revenue streams while securing 5G.

This week Palo Alto Networks introduced the industry’s first 5G-native security offering. This new offering enables service providers and enterprises to turn 5G networks into highly secure networks, according to the company.

Introducing several “industry firsts”

Utilizing its expertise in securing enterprises and mobile networks, Palo Alto Networks has added understanding of the 5G protocols and 5G network interfaces to introduce a number of industry firsts, according to the company.

Firstly, it has unveiled containerized 5G security. Much of the 5G infrastructure is being built with cloud native architectures. Palo Alto Networks says its containerized 5G security is designed to secure the 5G core and edge clouds. The feature works even across multi-cloud and multi-vendor environments, according to the company.

In addition, the offering provides real-time visibility, prevention and correlation of 5G user/device threats. This ability to look into the signaling channel lets service providers and enterprises apply security policies based on the user and device, according to the company.

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Real-time correlation of threats can help identify which subscriber, device or machine might be the target of an attack. It can also identify where the root cause of threats might be. This can help in forensics and accelerated security event investigation.

The company is also offering 5G network slice security. 5G networks allow service providers to offer a dedicated end-to-end piece of the network that gives enterprises the reliability and confidence to use 5G for their core business activities.

Palo Alto Networks claims its 5G-native security lets service providers offer secure versions of these slices to their customers as a new product.

Securing 5G has potential to “transform industries”

“For 5G to live up to its promise of transforming industries, companies need the confidence that 5G networks and services have enterprise-grade security,” said Anand Oswal, senior vice president and general manager, Firewall as a Platform, Palo Alto Networks. “We created 5G-native security in order to give enterprises the confidence they need to harness 5G for business transformation and to help service providers secure the new enterprise services they are creating.”

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