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Security company Tanium has announced a collaboration with IBM. The companies will jointly introduce a security package for the hybrid cloud.

The two companies are working on a service that ensures the security and compliance of workloads in hybrid cloud environments. The service is particularly aimed at companies in the finance and healthcare industries. Users of the IBM Cloud will have access to a range of security services from Tanium, SDxCentral writes.

“Moving to cloud doesn’t suddenly solve all of your problems by itself, you still need tools to enable the security and compliance on those endpoints on that workload in your cloud environment, said Chris Hallenbeck, Tanium CISO of the US. “So it’s a strong recognition that the some of the challenges will still remain, and you still need to address them. And it was a huge vote of confidence on IBM’s part to say that Tanium is the right fit to address some of those challenges.”

Tanium Risk

Tanium has also added a new product to its range. Tanium Risk gives companies advice on what the organization’s biggest security risks are. Based on this, the companies can assess what they should focus on most concerning investments in their security.

The score is calculated based on data from various security domains and privacy legislation such as the GDPR and CCPA. The software can also provide insights into specific risks with advice on how to solve the problems.

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