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Security company FireEye has announced that it has made a deal for the acquisition of Respond Software. FireEye wants to incorporate Respond’s software into its own products.

Respond Software is a company that specializes in helping companies investigate and understand security incidents. This should help make companies less dependent on well-trained security analysts, TechCrunch writes.


The goal of FireEye is to incorporate Respond’s Analyst product into its own Mandiant Solutions platform. “With Mandiant’s position on the front lines, we know what to look for in an attack, and Respond’s cloud-based machine learning productizes our expertise to deliver faster outcomes and protect more customers,” said Kevin Mandia, CEO of FireEye.


FireEye as agreed to pay 186 million dollars for the acquisition, which is about 157 million euros. FireEye can easily afford this, as the company also announced that it had raised 400 million dollars (337 million euros) from BlackStone Tactical Opportunities and Clearsky in an investment round. Clearsky had also previously invested in Respond.

FireEye has a history of acquiring other companies. Last year, it acquired Verodin, a startup specializing in testing existing security setups. That acquisition involved 250 million dollars.

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