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John Matze, the CEO of Parler says that the social media platform may never get back online after it was cut off by major service providers that were displeased by the app’s failure to police violent content posted by its users.

Several business vendors cut off ties with the platform, which is only two years old, after Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol last week.

In an interview with Reuters, Matze said that he does not know when or if the app will be back online. In his own words, he said “it could be never. We don’t know yet.”

Parler could be back?

After the story was published, Matze said that he is an optimist and even though it may take days or weeks, Parler will return stronger. He said that Parler is in talks with more than one cloud computing service but did not disclose their names, saying the companies might be embarrassed.

He said that the best option for the company is to get back on Amazon’s cloud platform. Parler claims it has 12 million users and filed a lawsuit on Monday against Amazon’s cloud computing arm.

Amazon severed ties with the platform, which claims to be a free-speech space and is used by President Trump’s followers, during the past weekend.

The breakup

In the interview with Reuters, Matze also said that its relationship with Amazon seemed to have been damaged irreparably overnight. He says that the decision to take Parler off Amazon came without warning. Amazon disputes this claim in legal filings.

Amazon invited Parler to participate in an initiative to connect with potential investors. This happened late this summer and was confirmed by an independent source who also said it is standard fare for startup customers to get the offer.