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Social media apps bring with them most of the concerns of security professionals when it comes to potential network risks. That’s what Gigamon’s report says. Moreover, companies are not always aware of how many apps are actually on their network.

According to the study, companies are at risk because they do not keep track of how many and which apps are on their networks, writes ITProPortal. Companies also admit that they don’t know what services are being used to manage their security.

No less than 26 percent of the organisations indicated that they had no idea how many applications are added to their network on a daily basis. 11 percent don’t know if any tools have been used to manage security.

Apps come with risks

Various companies know how many apps are added to their network on a daily basis, but this also entails risks. Most concerns exist about social media apps, but also apps for streaming series, games and messaging services may come with risks.

If new apps are not properly managed, the risk of vulnerability increases. Yet 14 percent of companies say they have no policy to manage security. This can put sensitive business data at risk.

As many as 17 percent of the organisations state that up to ten new applications are added to the company network every day.


Ollie Sheridan, security engineer EMEA at Gigamon, says that companies today are very dependent on applications. But that also means that these applications can have access to sensitive business data, which can put an organization at risk if the data falls into the wrong hands.

Organizations should therefore treat applications as part of their own network and strive for full visibility of their functions. Security should always come first when implementing new applications.