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Nutanix has made some changes to its ecosystem that should make it more secure against ransomware. The company is combining several enhancements that should contribute to increased security.

The improvements were applied to Flow, Files, Objects and Mine, writes Blocks & Files. The Security Central component of the Flow network stack now uses machine learning to detect potential attackers at the network level. It also checks for network traffic to endpoints from potentially malicious sources.

Nutanix Files is now able to identify abnormal access patterns to files as a ransomware attack, and can immediately block access. It also checks for faulty or missing snapshots and whether ransomware could possibly modify or delete them.

With Objects it is possible to set Write Once Read Many (WORM) policies. This allows files to be saved only once and not to be modified or deleted after that. The software also automatically sets up WORM protections to defeat ransomware attacks.

When a customer combines the Nutanix Mine secondary storage solution with HYCU, they can perform direct backups of data in Objects. Any ransomware protection set up in Objects will also be included in the backup to Mine.

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Finally, Nutanix has added support for MicrosofT Windows Credential Guard to virtual machines and virtual desktops with AHV hypervisor.

No single solution against ransomware

“CIOs and CISOs know that there is no one solution that provides 100 per cent protection against ransomware or other types of malware attacks, and the current remote and hybrid work models widen an enterprise’s attack surface,” said Nutanix CTO Rajiv Mirani. “Enterprises need a defence in depth approach to security, starting with their IT infrastructure. … Nutanix delivers a strengthened cloud platform out of the box, with an even richer set of ransomware protections available now.”

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