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Okta has announced Privileged Access. The service enables companies to manage access more precisely and easily than is possible with traditional PAM products.

The new access module was announced in a press release from Okta. Privileged Access combines identity management with flexible least privilege access controls. This should allow for faster development and greater agility. It should also lead to improved Zero Trust security in enterprise environments.

Three advantages

Okta lists three advantages of the use of Privileged Access. It should lead to a reduced risk of attacks, given the minimal attack surface that the just-in-time least privilege access controls enable. It should also lead to less maintenance since the existing PAM products, and the error-sensitive manual operation of these can be done away with. Because the software can be deployed automatically, customers can secure their cloud environments quickly.

Complete shift from PAM

“Okta has had tremendous success helping customers secure access to their applications, APIs, and servers. Today, we’re taking that to the next level with Okta Privileged Access,” said Diya Jolly, Chief Product Officer, Okta. “We’ve taken our centralized, identity-centric policy framework to completely shift the traditional shared account and credential model of legacy PAM, enabling just-in-time access through ephemeral credentials. With Okta Privileged Access, enterprises can efficiently achieve Zero Trust security at the deepest levels of the enterprise from databases and containers to fleets of servers.”

Single pane of glass

The access module can be easily managed with a single pane of glass. From there, access management, identity verification and privileged access can all be managed. Audit logs can also be collected from the control panel. Okta Privileged Access will be available from the first quarter of 2022.

Starter Developer Edition

Earlier this week, Okta announced the Starter Developer Edition of its access management software. With this, the company placed greater emphasis on supporting developers who need to integrate Okta’s tooling into enterprise software.