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Palo Alto Networks has announced several new features for Prisma Cloud. The most important of these is that the software can now automatically detect unprotected VMs and add security to them.

The detection of unprotected VMs works on VMs running on AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. When such an unprotected virtual machine is detected, the Prisma Cloud Defender agent is automatically and seamlessly deployed.

New dashboard

Palo Alto Networks has also released a new interactive Prisma Cloud dashboard with an extension to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. The dashboard now provides a consolidated view of the entire portfolio of cloud-native applications. According to Palo Alto, this allows companies to better defend themselves against specific threat scenarios and provides options for response and recovery from incidents.

WildFire for CI and CD

Now that Palo Alto Networks’ WildFire intelligence is incorporated into Prisma Cloud, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery scenarios are also better protected. This integration should provide an additional layer of runtime protection and better visibility into malware threats.

Compliance Explorer

Prisma Cloud Compliance Explorer now makes it easier for users to verify compliance with all relevant laws. This software has been updated to the latest benchmarks to complement the six existing certifications. Also, the software now offers a user interface solution to achieve compliance for Docker DISA STIG.

Deepened security capabilities

“Today’s enterprises are running their cloud-native applications on a wide variety of form factors, including a combination of cloud VMs, containers, Kubernetes, and serverless architectures that all need to be secured,” says ESG Vice President and Group Director, Cybersecurity, Doug Cahill. “The latest enhancements to Prisma Cloud deepen their security capabilities for protecting modern applications on both containers and Kubernetes, but also foundational virtual machines from a single, unified solution.”


The new features are available immediately to Prisma Cloud Compute Edition customers. Users who purchase Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition can expect the features in late May.

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