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Google Cloud and CrowdStrike are padding their security service integrations to offer joint enterprise customers more visibility into potential threats aimed at their hybrid cloud deployments while enhancing workload security measures.

The CrowdStrike Falcon platform will be entwined with Google Cloud’s security suite, including the Chronicle security analytics platform, Google Cloud Security Command Center (SCC). The SCC will allow for threat detection aggregation and VirusTotal Enterprise will handle threat intelligence.

CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity company that deals with cloud-delivered endpoint and workload security specifically.

Change is a must

Amol Kulkarni, the chief product officer at CrowdStrike, said that the past year has forced organizations to undergo a digital revolution that they could not have anticipated and with the remote workforce outpacing the on-site personnel, there is a need for better security to deal with the changing times.

Kulkarni, in a statement, said that CrowdStrike is proud to deepen its partnership with Google Cloud and deliver a better product with all the security capabilities needed by enterprises.

The integrations, he added, are powered by the best CrowdStrike AI-powered telemetry, to provide usable and contextual intelligence that will help with response and subsequently aid in protecting cloud workloads better.

The integration’s goal

CrowdStrike processes more than 5 trillion endpoint-related events every week. Security teams use the information to analyze endpoints and workloads telemetry to identify and respond to security issues quickly.

Integrating with Chronicle will allow  CrowdStrike to correlate petabytes of data collected by its new pal, with its own data. The resulting amalgamation of data can be used to investigate long-term attacks and help prevent the next ones.

SCC will aggregate the alerts and events from CrowdStrike Falcon to create a unified management console that security teams can use to uphold transparency and control over workloads and environments.