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Mimecast, the email security provider, launched an AI-powered add-on for Mimecast Secure Email Gateway (SEG), named Mimecast CyberGraph. The company said the tool detects sophisticated and sneaky phishing impersonation threats.

Mimecast CyberGraph deploys machine-learning technology to detect and stop phishing attacks delivered via email. The Massachusetts-based company’s addition of the add-on to its flagship email security product creates an identity graph, which charts relationships between email senders.

It then uses an AI engine to identify potential threat actors and warn employees of the threats.

Measures against trickier phishing attacks

Mimecast’s Veep of product management for threat intelligence, Josh Douglas, said that phishing and impersonation attacks are getting more sophisticated, personalized, and increasingly harder to stop.

Without prevention measures, he continued, the attacks could devastate their targets.

As Mimecast sees it, the solution requires that security control be constantly updated and improved to stay ahead of the attackers. CyberGraph, Douglas said, leverages the AI and machine learning technologies developed by the company, to keep employees safe with real-time warnings just before they engage with the point of risk.

In a world with more threats than ever

Mimecast SEG customers will be fortunate enough to integrate and activate the add-on without disrupting existing email security operations. Douglas noted that the addition of CyberGraph means that SEG customers will not need a third-party, high-level protection tool against email threats.

Douglas called the release timely, given that email threats have never been as widespread as they are in the pandemic era, which significantly increased the number of remote workers who found themselves outside company firewalls and without the necessary protection.

Mimecast’s CyberGraph is now available to customers in the United States and the United Kingdom, with availability slated for expansion into more regions.