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The latest product out of Palo Alto is Okyo Garde, a wireless mesh router built with cybersecurity capabilities that enterprises can use to protect remote workers’ home networks from cyber attacks.

Since the pandemic began, many workers who do their jobs from home have had to do most of their tasks outside company firewalls. That migration led to an exponential increase in the number of criminal activities detected, reported, and affecting systems.

The device was announced by the company on Friday and should be available in the fall. The publicly-traded company is one of the largest cybersecurity providers in the world.

A router that keeps your connections safe

The company makes software that protects firewall appliances that run in on-premises data centres, cloud environments, and various breach prevention products.

Okyo Garde is designed to help companies secure their remote workers’ home wireless networks. An enterprise can issue these routers to employees to ensure that the connections through which they access work applications are secure.

Workers can also use the device to create a second, separate WiFi network for personal use. Okyo Garde can thwart commonly detected cyberattacks, according to Palo Alto Networks.

How does it work?

The router detects when a worker clicks on a malicious link and stops the malicious site from loading. Okyo Garde can spot phishing attempts and provides features that block cyberattacks that target an employee’s smart home (IoT) appliances.

Palo Alto Networks protects the smart home appliance by restricting their ability to connect with external servers that could contain malware.

Admins can manage the router through a mobile app. The app controls configuration settings and shows alerts for cybersecurity incidents (like when a connected device is infected). For enterprises that need more security, the company will sell a version with Prisma Access services.