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Micro Focus launches CyberRes Galaxy, threat intelligence for CISOs

Micro Focus launches CyberRes Galaxy, threat intelligence for CISOs

Micro Focus introduces CyberRes Galaxy. The solution provides threat insights and forecasts of organizations’ annual security costs.

CyberRes Galaxy contains a wealth of global threat intelligence from Micro Focus. That information is supplemented by a user’s corporate data. Thereby, CyberRes Galaxy creates a dashboard with threat information that is relevant to a user’s industry and organization.

The dashboard ranks threats based on severity. When calculating risk factors, CyberRes Galaxy considers an organization’s circumstances. After all, a threat affecting manufacturing companies in Asia does not necessarily have to be a priority for a CISO at a service provider in Western Europe. CyberRes Galaxy weighs risks based on both the global landscape and an organization’s situation. Additionally, the solution lists ways to defend the organization against perceived threats.

CyberRes Galaxy does not take action. The solution focuses on prevention. Threat response functionality is dependent on an integration with ArcSight. ArcSight is Micro Focus’ security platform. The solution provides tools for responses to active threats. The native integration of Galaxy and ArcSight allows ArcSight to translate Galaxy’s insights into action.

CyberRes Galaxy for CISOs

In addition to individual threats, the solution analyzes the security costs an organization can expect in the current landscape. Global threats, local threats and an organization’s defence posture are summed up. The result is a forecast of the annual cost of security incidents and measures, which is extremely valuable when prioritizing investments. CyberRes Galaxy is particularly suitable for CISOs and other decision-makers.

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