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Juniper Networks has expanding its Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) portfolio with Juniper Secure Cloud, a managed cloud firewall (FWaaS) service.

Juniper Networks designed the Firewall-as-a-Service to give companies a centralized option for data and application security. The firewall functions independently of existing devices and can be applied to data and applications in any network or cloud environment.


Juniper Secure Cloud delivers reliable, secure access to apps and resources. Management is performed through the Security Director Cloud portal, a central environment and interface for all security instances. Its security measures function regardless of a users location. This makes the solution suitable for secure access of employees working remotely.

Other functionality

Additionally, the solution offers dynamic zero trust network segmentation. Juniper Secure Edge’s security automatically adapts to new risks and attack vectors. The solution integrates with various identity services, such as Azure Active Directory and Okta. Companies can connect their existing Juniper security infrastructure. The same applies to infrastructure from other vendors.

Juniper Secure Cloud is available immediately.