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Ordina announces a partnership with Tanium, a US based endpoint security developer. Ordina will primarily use Tanium’s security platform to secure industrial customers with a single solution.

Ordina develops applications and infrastructure, secures organizations and supervises migrations to the cloud. A large part of the organization operates in the Netherlands and Belgium to serve clients in the Benelux. Today, Ordina announced a partnership with Tanium.

Tanium develops a Unified Endpoint Management platform. Insight into endpoints and security measures are key. The platform is catching on: in 2021, Tanium’s turnover leaned towards half a billion dollars. Ordina will use Tanium’s platform as part of its security services in the Benelux.

Consultancy and technology

“The collaboration mainly focuses on the industry market”, says Peter Groenewegen, business lead cyber detection & response at Ordina. “In the field of cyber detection and response, we find that the maturity, resilience and resistance of industrial organizations can be greatly improved. With Tanium, we can offer multiple solutions on a single platform. While you would normally need three different solutions, Tanium enables security with one product.”

Wytze Rijkmans, Regional Vice President at Tanium: “An IT infrastructure can only be protected when an organization has full visibility into the physical and virtual devices connected to a network. Ordina’s expertise makes the solution even more powerful.”