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Zscaler expands security platform Zero Trust Exchange (ZTE) with three Zero Trust Network Access solutions. Prevention, detection and IoT support are key.

Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange (ZTE) facilitates the configuration and automation of employee access to cloud applications.

The solution offers a modern alternative to VPNs and firewalls. Access is configurable at a detailed level: think of the timing of a connection, the behaviour of a user and the device used.

Zscaler expanded ZTE with three new technologies. The introductions are available as a one-time purchase or part of an existing Zero Private Access (ZPA) license.

New in Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

First up: Private App Protection. The technology monitors application traffic to recognize suspicious traffic and stop common attacks.

Second: Integrated Deception, consisting of multiple decoys that trick silent intruders into revealing themselves. The decoys integrate into applications. Essentially, hackers face a minefield. Decoys appear to be attractive targets, but exclusively serve to blow the lid on lateral movement.

Finally: Privileged Remote Access for Industrial IoT and OT systems. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) are now available for IoT devices and apps. Both protocols allow remote users to be securely connected to IoT devices and apps.